After Party

Don’t stop now; things are just getting interesting 

Make your reservations here for the afterparty. There’s a strict limit on the number of people who’ll get in, and there’s a cover  – because it’s totally worth it, and it helps fund the Heights Music Hop. Ten measly bucks gets you in the door.

1 roof ¶ 3 bands ¶ shoulder-to-shoulder  ¶ if we were hipsters, we’d say these acts were curated for a party you’ll be talking about when you’re so old your beard fell off. But we’re tired of being curated to, so think of this as a spontaneous, de-curated chamber of groove that just happens to have been arranged in advance.

With The Outside Voices from a place called Kent – authentic rustbelt rock with a catalog of cleverly crafted songs and charismatic life performances.  ¶  and The Bush Administration – so cool, so underground, we’re not even allowed to describe them.  ¶  then samfoxCleveland Mag’s 2017 band of the year: a six-piece rock-soul unit that “channels Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye and Amy Winehouse with a modern sultry spin.”

yeah, it’s worth 10 bucks just to be able to talk about it later – which you’ll be doing even when you’re old and beardless.