Jason Patrick Meyers

Jason’s songwriting skills are informed by diverse influences such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mahalia Jackson, T-Model Ford, Eric Clapton, etc. Contemporary artists such as Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Gary Allan, and Alison Krauss also shape Jason’s eclectic writing style. From hard-hitting numbers, such as ‘Flip the Switch’’ and ‘The Wait’, to reflective tunes like ‘Your Yesterday’ and ‘Country Song Bye-Bye’, Jason Meyers’ lyrics draw the listener in and give them something worth holding on to.

Megan Zurkey

Cleveland area native, Megan Zurkey, is no stranger to the stage and performs regularly in and around Ohio and beyond. Megan completed two studio EPs (both available on iTunes) with a producer from Los Angeles, and a full-length album with her band titled “Questions and Answers” with the help of Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer Andrew Mendelson in Nashville. She just released her fourth project, “Behind Your Eyes” in May.

Maura Rogers and the Bellows

The emotional lyrics of Maura Rogers will tug at your heart, the Bellows will get the rest of your body moving. With songs ranging from quiet, soul baring ballads to guitar-driven rock, the Cleveland, Ohio based band adds a new twist to the alt folk genre.

Root Bottle

This is the world famous Root Bottle, in the spirit of the soothing drink created by the Liberian ancestors of vocalist Rodney Diggs. They found that their gin was much better when steeped in the traditional roots and kola nuts of their land. In that the same spirit, the soul and lyrical based vocals of Mr Diggs have been macerated in the funk based rock of veteran musicians Andy English, Jon Richey, and Mark Cochrane.

Joshua Jesty

Un pop music about your typical stuff seen through the eyes of a Jesty.

Banging Fragiles

By turns jangly, trippy, morose and aggressive, Banging Fragiles create pop destruction for repeated enjoyment. Founded in September 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio by Krissy Brannan (Chief Bromide, Voxcaster), Banging Fragiles is Robert O’Lexa (Stoned By Magic, darkmatter::whitefire), Jason Robinson (Bwak Dwagon), and Ron Kretsch (Murderedman, Lives of the Saints).


Elégie is a male quartet that began in 2012. The four guys range from 19-22. The four gentlemen are each classically trained soloists, and each of them has a very strong choral and group singing background as well. Each member of the group is an alumnus of Cleveland Heights High School and the Heights High VMD.

Trepanning Trio

Trepanning Trio is an acoustic instrumental ensemble which makes oddly beautiful music using classical, traditional and handmade instruments (i.e., viola da gamba, guzheng, pan lids screwed onto sticks and played with violin bows, etc). Contrary to its name, Trepanning Trio performs with a rotating lineup of six to fourteen musicians.


Five midwestern boys with too many feelings raised on punk rock and folk music.