The Admirables

11:00pm @ The Bottlehouse

The Admirables is a funky soul band based out of Akron, Ohio. Wielding their instruments alone, the raw, unrelenting energy of the Admirables is a force to be reckoned with! Frontman Nathan-Paul Davis engages the crowd with his vocals like a baptist preacher in a packed church of eager people, encouraging the crowd to get up and dance until they drop. “It’s a big soul party and everybody’s welcome to join, so come as you are!” Nathan-Paul says.

The Admirables got their start as a pick up band providing entertainment for a local soul singer’s birthday party. Nathan-Paul (Alto Saxophone) headed up the group that night and discovered his uncanny gift for getting the crowd pumped and dancing. The bass player (Matthew DeRubertis) realized they had something special and told Nathan “We should maybe keep this thing going.” There was no original intent on continuing past the band that night, but The Admirables had been formed, and they all knew they had to deliver for the people!!